Orkla IT wish to become a trusted partner to Orkla in the movement for a Sustainability Lifestyle

We aim to do so by taking responsibility for the negative impact of information technology, as well as by establishing IT as an enabler for corporate sustainability across Orkla.

Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT is taking responsibility for our own impacts on the environment and reducing the negative ones when it comes to our IT production. This can be seen as doing «less bad». 

We have identified the following areas within Sustainable IT: Responsible Sourcing and Digital Sobriety. There is a lot we procure, that allows us to operate and deliver value and we want our sustainability efforts to cover commitment for our Partners, environmental impact in our main Data Centers, in the Electronic Equipment we buy and use, driving Data Hygiene and not only rely on cloud to solve increased storage and power consumption. 

IT as an enabler for Corporate Sustainability

We will utilize the tools and resources we have, to enable the rest of Orkla to reach the sustainability goals that the Orkla sustainability strategy has set. This can be seen as doing «more good», as we both integrate sustainability in the business models and go beyond our own negative impact.

One of the biggest contributions IT can give to sustainability, is to allow employees to work digitally to avoid unnecessary travel. User adoption and continuously improvement in our collaboration tools are key enablers for this. In addition, Orkla IT wants to leverage on digitalization to support Orkla’s sustainability projects and increase the efficiency of sustainability work across Orkla.

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